Wall Insulation

Wooden Wire Sound-Absorbing Panel

Wood wool acoustic panel is an efficient acoustic material that can be widelyused in various indoor environments. Made of natural wood fiber, it hasexcellent sound absorption performance and decorative effect. lt can effectivelyabsorb noise, eliminate echo and sound wave reflection, reduce noise pollutionand provide a clearer and more comfortable listening experience. lt not only hasgood sound absorption effect, but also has the advantages of fireproof,environmental protection and durability, which meets the building safetystandards and environmental protection requirements.

1、 Excellent sound absorption performance: can effectively absorb the noise and echo in the space, improve the purity ofsound and sound quality.
2、 Environmental protection and health: made of natural wood, non-toxic and harmless, in line with environmental standards,harmless to human health.
3、 Durability: durable and long-lasting, not easy to deformation, shedding or aging, long-term effective maintenance ofsound absorption effect.
4、 Good decorative: with a variety of colors and textures to choose from, can match the interior decorative style, while playinga decorative role.
Application Scenarios
stadiums, swimming pools, cinemas, conference rooms, churches. Factories, tunnels, schools, libraries
shopping malls, entertainment venues, early childhood institutions, etc.