Indoor sound-absorbing series

Tufted Carpets

Tufted carpet is a type of carpet that features soft, densely tufted fibres and is often used to decorate homes or commercial premises. Its unique texture and appearance make it a popular floor covering material. Tufted carpets are usually made from high-grade fibre materials that create a soft, long and fluffy surface, resulting in a comfortable tactile and visual effect. It also has excellent sound insulation, shock absorption, thermal insulation and anti-slip properties, making it highly practical.

Performance Characteristics
1. Soft and comfortable: Made of high-grade fiber, it is very comfortable to step on and has excellent decorative effect.
2. Fire retardant: cigarette butts and other combustibles will not burn the carpet if dropped on it.
3. Soundproofing and noise reduction: The carpet is relatively thick with a layer of soundproofing material at the bottom, which can effectively reduce noise and provide soundproofing.
4. Warm and non-slip: It has good insulation and its surface has a certain anti-slip property for safer walking.
5. Easy to clean and maintain: With a flat surface without too many gaps, it is easy to clean and maintain.
Application Places
Mainly used in home, hotel, shopping mall, office and other places of floor decoration.