Gym/sports place shock absorption

Gym Rubber Tiles

Snap mats are combination mats made up of several rectangles with a special structural design inside, which are tightly connected by means of snaps. They can be flexibly and quickly spliced together to adapt to different sizes and shapes of ground use needs. Snap mats have multiple features such as beautiful and practical, anti-slip and comfortable, durable and anti-abrasion, etc., and are flexible and convenient to use, so they are loved by consumers and have become a common flooring material in many places.

1、 Anti-slip: Snap-on design makes the rubber floor mats closely connected to each other, effectively preventing the matsfrom moving, thus increasing the ground friction and playing an anti-slip effect.
2、 Anti-vibration: With good elasticity and shock absorption performance, it can relieve the ground impact, reduce noise andvibration, and protect the ground and equipment.
3、 Wear-resistant: rubber material has the characteristics of good wear resistance, while the snap type design makes a tightconnection between the mats, not easy to deformation fracture, long service life.
4、 Safety and environmental protection: Made of 100% natural rubber raw materials, environmental protection and non-toxic,will not produce pollution, while the surface is non-slip to ensure walking safety.
Application Scenarios
gym, home, park, poolside, shopping mall