Indoor sound-absorbing series

Wooden Acoustic Panels

Wooden acoustic panels are a material used to improve interior acoustics byabsorbing sound waves and reducing noise and echoes. These panels areusually made from wood, so they not only provide excellent acoustic perfor-mance, but are also very environmentally friendly and durable. Wooden acousticpanels are widely used in home theatres, recording studios, music classrooms,conference rooms, offices, libraries and other locations. They can significantlyimprove the quality of sound, thus creating a more comfortable and profession-al acoustic environment.

1、 Sound absorption effect: it can absorb sound waves and reduce noise and echoes, the sound absorption effect depends onfactors such as thickness, density and porosity.
2、Environmentally friendly: made of natural wood, so it can be easily recycled and reused.
3、Durability: made of high quality wood, they can withstand long periods of use without breaking or losing their acousticproperties.
4、Aesthetically pleasing: these panels can be stained or painted to match their surroundings while still retaining theirsound-absorbing effect.
Application Scenarios
A variety of finishes to meet different styles of home decoration, store decoration, offices, building walls, billboard production, concert halls, opera houses, recording studios, etc. (interior and exterior walls, indoor ceilings)