Indoor sound-absorbing series

Fiberglass panels

The surface is made of glass fiber decorative felt, and the inner surface is madeof high-density glass wool. The four sides are sealed to avoid dust.The classic white surface has a variety of colors.The shape can be customized. The construction is simple and fast, and the costperformance is high.Fiberglass suspended ceilings are specifically designed to provide an aestheti-cally pleasing acoustic ceiling solution while creating a healthy and comfortablespace.

1、NRC: 0.8.
2、Front side: White transparent acoustic coating
3、Back side: Sound-absorbing fiberglass cloth.
4、Edge: Cured paint.
5、Flame retardant: Good flame retardancy and does not produce smoke.
Application Scenarios
Radio stations, TV studios, studios, schools, gymnasiums,theatres, libraries, cultural centres, auditoriums, multifunctional halls,conference rooms and concert halls and other places with high require-ments for sound quality.