Acoustic Insulation for Doors and Windows

Soundproof curtains

Soundproof curtain is a kind of curtain specially designed to reduce thetransmission of indoor and outdoor noise. lt uses high-density fabric andprofessional materials to effectively improve outside noise and help create aquiet and comfortable indoor environment. lts main function is to reduce thetransmission of noise. Whether it is the sound of car horns from city streets,mechanical noise from construction sites, or the sound of next door neighbors,acoustic curtains can help block out these noises and make your indoor spacemore peaceful.

1、High-eficiency sound insulation performance: high-density materials are used, which can effectively block the transmision of
external noise, reduce noise pollution. and create a guieter environment indoors.
2.、Energy-saving: in addition to sound insulation, it can also insulate heat, reduce indoor temperature fluctuations, and reducethe transfer of indoor and outdoor temperatures.
3、UV protection: lt has certain abilities to block ultraviolet rays, reducing their entry.
4、Easy to use: The hook-and-loop fastener installation method requires no nails, making it easy to install and clean. lt isconvenient for daily use and maintenance.
Application Scenarios
mainly applied to the windows of rooms, offices,recording studios, homes, hotels, KYV, etc.