Indoor sound-absorbing series

Polyurethane Acoustic Foam

Sound-absorbing cotton is made from polyurethane foam through special processing, with a surface that can be in the shape of waves, eggshells, pyramids, mushrooms, etc. The material is black and has micro-pores inside, which provides significant sound absorption effect. It has an E1 environmental protection level, which means it can directly contact the skin without harm, and B1 flame retardancy level, which makes it self-extinguishing when away from fire. It is highly flexible, and any deformation caused by compression can quickly recover to its original state without affecting its sound-absorbing performance.

1、Can be made into various specifications, easy to install.
2、High density, noise reduction coefficient of 0.79.
3、Sound absorption coefficient reaches BRC=0.81.
4、Good heat insulation, thermal conductivity 0.0035
5、Flame retardant grade B1.
6、Long service life, strong and not easy to break.
7、No decay, can resist various microorganisms fungus, acid, salt and hydrocarbon corrosion.
8、Harmless to human body, no pollution to the environment, no smell.
Application Scenarios
Suitable for music rooms, piano rooms, live studios, recording studios, home cinemas, schools, offices and other places with acoustic needs.