Floor Insulation

Recycled Granules Rubber Mats

Rubber acoustic matting is a material commonly used to reduce noise and vibration. It is made of rubber material with excellent resistance to corrosion, heat and abrasion. It is used to reduce the sound and vibration transmitted by walls and floors and to improve the comfort of living and working environments.

1、excellent sound insulation performance, can effectively absorb sound waves and vibration, thereby reducing the spread of sound and noise generation.
2、wear-resistant and durable, made of high-strength polyurethane cool material, can withstand large pressure and friction, long-term use is not easy to damage.
3、corrosion resistance, not easy to be eroded by chemical substances and corrosion, so in the harsh environment can also maintain good performance.
4、Very good plasticity and elasticity, can be cut and processed according to the need.
Construction Practice
Application Scenarios
Living room, bedroom, study, music room, office, cinema, restaurant, gym, KTV, hotel and other places with high acoustic requirements are available