Green City · Phoenix Rising and Tide Singing

Project Location: Intersection of Fengqi Road and Huancheng East Road in the main urban area of Hangzhou
Project overview:
Divided into north and south two plots, with a total construction area of about 140,000 square meters, Chinese-style courtyards and high-rise apartments are planned according to the environment and landforms, offering a modern life mood for the ideal home in the prosperous city. It is another masterpiece of Greentown Group after Orchid Garden. Its products include courtyards, high-rise residential buildings and hotel-style apartments, which are the great achievements of Greentown residential aesthetics.
Developer: Greentown Real Estate Group
Construction area: 140368 square meters
Floor area: 35665 square meters
Services: acoustic consultation of the overall project and sound insulation of residential/apartment floor
Service time: 2016 to 2022