Clocell Acoustics Actively Expands The International MarkeI

Source:洛赛声学 2022-04-29

All the time, Clocell Acoustics is a professional company focusing on the Chinese market and providing noise and vibration solutions to the construction, track and industrial fields.
In 2021, under the influence of the epidemic, Clocell Acoustics makes a strategic decision,Clocell Acoustics' products and technologies to overseas markets.
After more than half a year of hard work and experience accumulation, Clocell Acoustics has successfully exported a variety of products to the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Poland and other European and American countries, Somalia, Kenya, Brunei, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Maldives, Singapore and other Africa, In Asia and ASEAN countries, products aimed at C-end consumers are presented on the Amazon e-commerce platform and are favored by customers all over the world.
The products exported by Clocell Acoustics include but are not limited to: polyurethane Acoustic foam, polyester fiber acoustic panels, glass fiber celliing, sound-absorbing soft bags, polyurethane elastic damping pads, damping blocks, and traditional rubber floor mats, etc. The format of the project includes radio stations, gymnasiums, live studios, music rooms, gyms, clubs and other spaces with acoustic requirements.

(Paradise Club in Nha Trang, project in progress)